Top 10 Creative Ads Design of 2010(Graphic)

1.”Help us reconcile cancer sufferers with their image.”

Advertising Agency: Leo Burnett, France
Vice president / Executive Creative Director: Guillaume-Ulrich Chifflot
Art Director: Jérôme Gonfond
Copywriter: Hadi Hassan Helou
Art Buyer: Claire Sougy
Photographer: Romina Shama
Photographer Agent: Visionairs In Art
Retouches: Adrien Blanchat


2.”Born to create drama”

Advertising Agency: TBWA\PHS Helsinki, Finland
Copywriters: Markku Haapalehto, Mira Olsson
Art Director: Minna Lavola
Photographer: Jere Hietala / Fake

3.”See the unseen. Spuk stock pictures”

Advertising Agency: BBDO, Düsseldorf, Germany
Chief Creative Officer: Toygar Bazarkaya
Executive Creative Director: Carsten Bolk
Art Director: Jake Shaw
Copywriter: Florian Birkner
Photographer: Matt Barnes
Account Manager: Liselotte Schwenkert

4.”No condom. Much more pleasure. – Now with private chat.”

Advertising School: Escola Cuca, São Paulo, Brazil
Art Director: Rafael Acatauassú
Copywriter: Aaron Quintas

5.”Look me in the eyes… …I said the eyes. So that the handicap is no longer a handicap”

CAP48 is the leading Belgian charity working for the integration of handicapped people. The ad depicts the glamorous model smiling to camera, evocative of Eva Herzigova’s Wonderbra campaign. It highlights the fact that before anything, a handicap is not the defining trait of those who have it. In few days the model Tanja became a famous egery all over the world.

Advertising Agency: AIR, Brussels, Belgium
Creative Directors: Grégory Ginterdaele, Marie-Laure Cliquennois
Art Directors: Marie-Laure Cliquennois, Marine Vincent
Copywriter: Grégory Ginterdaele
Photographer: 11H58
Published: October 2010

6.”It’s not a sign I almost died, it’s a sign I survived. Together we’re stronger.”

Advertising Agency: Grey, Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Creative Directors: Colin Lamberton, Seyoan Vela
Copywriter: Pieter van den Heuvel
Art Director: Phoebe Dawson
Digital Director: Oscar Asmoarp
Account team: Catherine Dijkstra
Digital Producer: Tim Sadjak

7.”Feel like a star”

Advertising Agency: Bleublancrouge, Montréal, Canada
Creative Director: Gaëtan Namouric
Art Director: Frédéric Roux, Laurent Salles
Copywriter: Maxime Paiement
Photographer: Alain Desjean
Published: September 2010

8.”Are you obsessed with the right things?”

Advertising Agency: DDB, Singapore
Executive Creative Director: Joji Jacob
Creative Director: Thomas Yang
Copywriter: Khairul Mondzi
Art Director: Andrea Kuo
Account Director: Rowena Bhagchandani
Account Executive: Ng Ling Kai
Illustrator: Andy Yang Soo Kit
Digital retoucher: Agnes Teo
Photographer: Allan Ng / Republic Studios
Via: copyranter

9.”The worst predator of the ocean does not live in the ocean.”

Advertising Agency: Heads Propaganda, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
Creative Directors: Kike Borell, Luis Christello, Flavio Medeiros
Art Director: Rodrigo Lomelino
Copywriters: Rafael Simi, Flavio Medeiros
Illustrator: Helena Lopes
Photographer: Rodrigo Paredes
Published: August 2010

10.”Karate lessons.”

Advertising Agency: Zubi Advertising, USA
VP Creative Director: Andres Ordoñez
Creative Director:Ivan Calle
Associate Creative Director: Mauricio Candela
Art Director: Francisco Losada
Copywriter: Vicent Llopis
Photographer: The Blur Office
Retoucher: Iancarlo Reyes

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