Making Digital Magazine, Free Online Service!

Digital Magazine , or otherwise known as e-magazine (flipping book)is truly a kind of ebook characterized by digital web pages. How to produce flipping Magazine in the current pdf, it is not really a herculean task. You can take a look at for much more information.

Visit their Home Page and click on the ‘ Free Convert PDF ‘or’ Upload & Convert PDF File ‘(both of which is the same place), press any buttons. The following pages should be directed to:

Standing in front of us is a simple process:

‘ upload PDF File ‘(PDF file loading)

‘ Fill out your e-mail ‘

‘ Upload & Convert to PDF ‘

Processing period varies according to the size of the installation and conversion derginizin.

At the same time an email, which contains the flash link and user name/password for, is sent to the according address. When you log in to the site with them …

.. ‘ My Documents ‘ leads to the page where you can see all the uploaded magazine.

Here  is an example of converted magazine

Sub-menu bar buttons, left quad group, respectively;

About : The name of journal and publisher names when clicked (author) appears in a small window

Thumbnails : at the same time all the pages of the magazine “quotes picture” mode as it seems.

SHARE (Sharing): A link to the Magazine will be given ( HTML Address ), as well as your site code ( HTML code )

The middle buttons, navigation (navigation)

Group on the right, enlargement, reduction, and full screen.

The service fee packages are also available. Opens them to use more features. Only a very complicated issue brought it.Again with more opportunities online services, the use of downloaded software, the standard version, pro version, their single, multi-user rights with the purchase, saying the VIP service 99 and 800 USD from many among the surprised package. This side of the matter is now “much more” effort to deal with those who want to leave I can not see any other remedy.

Desktop software option is a trial version4 MB ) and all the functions the user guide (User Guide) from this page you can download.

At the end of the same page, ‘ Integrate Into PPT slides under ‘encounter with a statement of interest to us even more closely. E-magazine (in fact, usually any flash file) to a ppt presentation used in the 2007 version of the previousPowerPoint applications are made for the recipe. It is troublesome, you best on our paper , follow directions.

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