Convert PDF to Flash, make your PDF readable everywhere!

The Adobe PDF format is among the most typical document formats from the globe today. It is versatile, portable, and permits for professional digital documents.E-books are also typically distributed in pdf file format.

Although pdf file is very common, it is not universal. there are several devices, which include some MP3 players, that do not assistant pdf files. It can not be feasible to look at pdf file documents over a pc unless you obtain and set up the pdf file viewer software. Generally you have to do this in your personal computer, which may lead to the ability to over a community computer.

If you are in a very situation as described, you can try a device that convert the pdf file to some SWF file. Flash documents could be opened by any internet browser which has Flash set up and various mobile devices.To undertake the conversion however, you will have to use PDF to Flash converter,the resources powered by aXmag.

Convert PDF to Flash

Step 1: choose Input PDF Files, and Output folder

Step 2: select basic setting of your PDF

Step 3: Start converting

Step 4: View the converted flash.


The trial version has seal at the converted files, which is the basic limitation of shareware. Luckily enough, they offer a FREE online converter, see the demo of example PDF and try free online publishing.

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