Clear Vector Technology, The future of online publication

First of all, thanks for the great help of in Page Flip publication, and their dedication in Clear Vector Technology. More info:

The future of online publication

Designed to fast deliver the online publications on the Internet and create breakthrough to the old PDF format, aXmag features advanced technology for incredibly high quality of text and image. And when you’re ready, simply add aXmag publications on your website or blog to make the brand new online reading experience.

Clear Text

As you watch, the texts stay clear after conversion with monolithic solution via the ClearVector™ technology. Magnify them and still clear

One Time Page Loading

From the moment you open the online publication and once pages in aXmag publication are loaded, any further zooming in or zooming out will act immediately and there is no need to wait for a same page loading again if you want to see a larger text.

High-Fidelity Image

There is no reason to lose resolutions in images as you created them in PDF and we are honored to keep the image quality in conversions. Thanks to ClearVector™ technology, raster images barely lose resolution during conversions (the converted image quality depends on the raster image quality created in PDF) and vector images are preserved vector after conversions.

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