Share your Page Flip resources

It has been a long time since someone,me included,ever asked for Page-Flip resources in this forum.On one hand, professional develpoers prefer Java and Flash project; On the other hand, normal users would like a free and easy creator to make page flip effect.Here,I want to share what I got with you guys,and it will be such a pleasure if this post can help any of you.
Free solution/software:

aXmag Page Flip Book Creator

Free basic online page-flip creator,PDF format support,great page flip effect.FYI, you need to pay for pro service.

swftools PDF2SWF

download.htmlLocal software,more importantly it offers Linux Version (Sourcecode) at the/download.html.nix develpers can give that a shot.

Issuu-You Publish

Online platform of magazine and ebook, which can be regarded as page flip solution.This site features in brilliant special effects.


Java and Flash project code:

Page-Flip Javascript @sitepoint forum

Java code for page-flip,crude,but functional.

A complete flash tutorial of page flip, basically in Flash.

A powerful add-on for Adobe Flash MX-CS4 for creating page flip effect. Provides great extending and integration possibilities.€199 per half year.

That’s all I got, any comment or supplement is welcome

    • DannyCarte
    • November 22nd, 2010

    Nice share, I like the axmag and issuu for online page-flip.

  1. November 22nd, 2010

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