Publish online Page Flip Magazine

Even today, online Page Flip Magazines are still the best option for creating digital pulications from print versions.The benefit of having an online Page Flip Magazine is that it affords the user experience of reading an actual copy of a physical document or magazine. Based on Flash the platform is stable, there is a huge development community constantly churning out components and continuously improving the usability and the already-phenomenal functionality of an online Page Flip Magazine.

The last hurdle for online page flip magazines or flash-based digital editions with aXmag to become the de facto standard is  to achieve high levels of penetration with its mobile friendly version of Flash. aXmag offers a free “on the fly ” – turn PDF to Flash conversion service. Upload your file, and they’ll convert it for you. Or download the desktop converter to get PDF to page flip magazine files created on your local machine now.

Vector technology to create vector graphics.

  • Vector files are smaller and faster to transfer.
  • Vector graphics always look crisp and clear even at the highest levels of magnification.
  • Vector Technology keeps text clear when zooming.

Moreover, the aXmag often caches the immediate next or previous pages which means that the user does not have to wait for the next page to load when they turn forward or backward. Just think of a flash magazine as a perfect blend of all things good in a print magazine i.e., quality, graphics, and web based content i.e., web based access, cross linking for usability, and social media functionality.


by Layne Chin


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