PDF to Flash Magazine converter

Well-designed Web sites seem to me marvelously functional for conveying information online. And I find viewing pdf files on Adobe’s reader is not as perfectly as thought. Also, the days in which starting and running a magazine was something that only a selected few could do are not just gone, they are completely inexistent. Now, the services provided by sites such as pdf-to-flash-magazine make the creation and distribution of your own publication over the WWW something as easy and instant as merely sending out an email.

Designed for 3D interactive online digital magazine publication, pdf-to-flash-magazine is innovative conversion tool for creating page flipping reading experiences online. pdf to flash magazine will let you take a PDF and have it turned into a high-quality Flash file that will come with streaming page loading and stepless magnification. What’s more, the resulting file will be a small one – sharing it won’t be a problem at all.

This conversion process can be carried out in two different ways. You can either upload the PDF that you want converted and then retrieve the resulting file, or you can download get the desktop converter that is provided and use it to convert your files from anywhere – even from places in which an Internet connection is limited, or completely unavailable. Both options can be tried for free, and if you find that  pdf-to-flash-magazine suits your needs you can proceed to buy a license through the site, and gain unlimited access to the application. Both a standard and a pro version are available, too.

Key Features:
1. Page flipping simulation technology: 3D animated page-flip; Page flipping sound effect

2. Vector output technology: Small converted file size; High-fidelity image; Stepless magnification: Zoom dynamic, zoom in, zoom all, zoom out, either way and pan pages to view details; Fast online page loading: Pages are processed for high speed online loading, with few seconds all pages will be cashed. No snoring waiting for pages loading; Hyperlinks detective: Automatically detect http links in PDF and create hyperlinks in SWF.

Resources: http://www.pdf-to-flash-magazine.com

by Layne Chin


    • Torres Aarron
    • August 11th, 2010


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